Again I am spending the weekend mooching off the hospitality of Kyle and Chinh in DC.  As we were shopping for our dinner, we happened upon the giant inedible-looking leaf section of the produce aisle and purchased some aloe vera leaf.  After a bit of hunting around online, we found this recipe and decided to test it out (sort of).  Rather than putting it over yogurt, we made it into the safer, more mistake tolerant smoothie form.  Here is the result:

stuff is suuuuper slippery and hard to peel

it has roughly the consistency of snot from a dehydrated person

And the end result?  Far more delicious than it could have been.


One response

  1. Jennifer Duann

    Looks yummy! I slaughtered a tremendous amount of fruit today and look forward to pulverizing it with some Greek yogurt for my lunch this week.

    05.22.2011 at 7:21 pm

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