The land before time (Winchester edition)

I have recently come to the conclusion that living in Winchester is not so bad, as long as you happen to be a fan of history.  There is a bit of a change-averse culture here, not lease of all represented by the fact that I spend most of my day working with a 15 year old programming language…

And then there is Dinosaurland.  This place looks like it’s heyday was in 1983, but I think this gem was too good for the Yanks to enjoy, so it skipped over the rest of the Union and landed right here in Winchester.

later on you find out that this is actually a nuclear submarine. i'm still not sure why.

right in front of me too...

oh sad.

because who doesn't want to happily pose in front of prehistoric beasts mutilating each other?

everything at dinosaurland is epic, not just this battle.


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