The Big City, part 3


Boston is fun.  Though Emily’s attempts to convince me to move there have thus far failed, I do like this city.  When Mike and Emily and I go to anywhere, the primary focus often ends up being taking pictures.  This makes the whole adventure not only quite fun, but I also don’t feel bad stopping every 3 minutes to shoot something.  Apparently other people like their inertia more than my pictures.

bostonians like their beer.

boston also has the fattest squirrels in the world.


if you put the two together, you have almost a whole emily.
if you spend enough time with the same people and cameras, you start to notice trends…
emily likes her starfish dance.
mike likes to crawl on the ice.
oh, flip.
oh, flip.
one day, maybe i’ll muster up the interest and take some pictures of winchester…

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