Dinner for one

I’ve been trying to get used to cooking smaller quantities, and I really kind of suck at it.  I’ve always had a penchant for making far too much food for the present crowd, but there have also always generally been enough people around who I can feed the extras to.  Turns out, one of the side effects of the whole moving-away-from-everybody-you-know thing is that there are no longer people around to feed.

An example:  I bought a pork butt at the store the other day.  Now, I’ve never cooked a pork butt before, but it was very cheap, on sale and all that… but porks have big butts.  Thinking that much of it will end up being trimmed off or consist of bone, I buy it anyway, planning to freeze it until it’s needed.  I ended up cooking it a couple of days later  – the plan was actually to make some beans and use the pork butt to flavor and meatify it.  However, as I begin to trim and cut the butt up, I discover that it is, in fact, mostly meat.  Not quality, but meat all the same.  After emptying every package, box and can of beans into this pot with the whole butt (shouldn’t have used the whole thing, in retrospect), and seasoning it until it tastes like food, I inspect the results.  Instead of yielding a pot of beans with a healthy amount of pork, this concoction turns out to be about 2 gallons of a roughly 5:1 pork bean ratio stew.

This picture is actually from a different, more successful though still excessive cooking adventure this week.  I’m still learning…


One response

  1. Jennifer Duann

    Is that from the poke-and-soak escapade?

    01.22.2011 at 8:45 pm

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