It’s September.

Pictures from recently. I’ve been terrible at posting lately, so no words, just pictures.



el fin.


Cute things

Some pictures of cute things whilst hanging out at my brother’s new place over the 4th of July.

neko: may or may not fall under the category 'cute', but close enough...




I spent last weekend in Jefferson City, MO with a whole bunch of my relatives; some of them I knew immediately, whilst others required a 30 minute conversation (including at least one visit to wikipedia) to determine how exactly we are related and what such a relation is properly called.  Turns out, I do indeed have a second cousin once-removed, and her name is Lily.  She’s probably the coolest 11 year old I know.

It was a grand weekend, full of all the traditional activities that all normal families do when they congregate – lots of eating, story telling, game playing, an excursion to the testicle festival and chatting about life.


ian = cousin


betsi = cousin


lily = second cousin once removed


the testi festi!




battered and fried manly bits


hunting for a matching pair



testicle hawking!





just a normal family picture




smug gargoyle



Again I am spending the weekend mooching off the hospitality of Kyle and Chinh in DC.  As we were shopping for our dinner, we happened upon the giant inedible-looking leaf section of the produce aisle and purchased some aloe vera leaf.  After a bit of hunting around online, we found this recipe and decided to test it out (sort of).  Rather than putting it over yogurt, we made it into the safer, more mistake tolerant smoothie form.  Here is the result:

stuff is suuuuper slippery and hard to peel

it has roughly the consistency of snot from a dehydrated person

And the end result?  Far more delicious than it could have been.

AppleBlossom:2011 [part3]

These are pictures of people. Many of Chinh, because she’s pretty as well as many of Kyle, because he’s funny looking.

Part 3: People

Kyle was mad that I kept getting in the way of his dandelion picture...


AppleBlossom:2011 [part2]

In addition to all of the official festivities, parties of the house variety pop up like mushrooms in the rain. I was by far the youngest at the one, and definitely the oldest at the other.  Apparently those in their mid 20s have all fled.

Part 2: Parties

we didn't actually know them... they just posed like this when they saw we had cameras.

it tasted even worse than it looked.

some things never change...

AppleBlossom:2011 [part1]

I’m proud to report that I have survived my first Apple Blossom experience.  After all the hype, all the excitement, all the planning, Apple Blossom 2011 has come and gone.  Fortunately, for you poor saps who missed it, Kyle, Chinh (with the new addition to their family) and I were there to capture its essence for you.

Part 1: Parades